Frequently asked questions

  1. How many Cymbidiums Orchids are in a box and what is the size of each stem?

    Joshua sells mostly boxes with 8 stems per box and 10 stems per box, but also some with 6 or 12 stems. The length of the stems in the 8 stem box is longer than the ones in the 10 stem box. Boxes are sold as a mix of colours or as a box with mono colours. Special requests can be ordered via our exporter NZ Bloom, our importer Glores or our importer GreenWings.


    Please note: the stem part without blooms is about the same length as the flower head (we aim for 50% stem and 50% flowers).

  2. How many colours are in a mix box?

    A mix box contains 4 to 5 different colours of Cymbidiums: white, pink, yellow, green and sometimes an I.C. (Interesting Colour). Joshua aims to mix the right colours to meet customers’ needs.


  3. How many Cymbidiums Orchids are in a box?

    Joshua sells mostly boxes with 8 or 10 stems per box, but we also can supply boxes with 6 or 12 stems per box.

    The 6 stem box is the longest stems that we produce but because of the airfreight it is quite expensive. The 8 stem box is the slightly smaller and more affordable. The 10 and 12 stem boxes are cheaper but shorter. We supply both mono and mixed colour boxes. Please talk to your exporter or wholesaler if you have special requests or send us an e-mail (

  4. What colour is ‘IC’ or ‘Interesting Colour’?

    An ‘Interesting Colour’ or ‘IC’ includes a wide range of special colours, such as brown, burgundian red, or orange. Use the search engine on our website to find the interesting colour you are looking for.

  5. What colours of Cymbidiums are available?

    Joshua mainly supplies Cymbidiums with the colours green, white, pink and yellow, all available in different shades and with different lips. Joshua also grows interesting colours like brown, orange and burgundy red. Use the search engine on our website to find the colour you are looking for.

  6. How long is the vase life of a Cymbidium?

    Cymbidiums last for up to 28 days, depending on the Cymbidium variety, the freshness of the flowers and the conditions in your shop or house. Check our care instructions to ensure a long vase life. We regularly conduct vase life test to ensure you get the best Cymbidiums we can find.

  7. When are Cymbidiums of Joshua available?

    In New Zealand Joshua can supply from March till the end of November. We export our Cymbidiums from the beginning of May till the end of November.

  8. Where can I buy Joshua Cymbidiums as a florist?

    Joshua Cymbidiums can be bought in Japan through Glores and GreenWings. New Zealand Bloom is our exporting company for other markets.

  9. How can I make a nice arrangement with a Cymbidium Orchid?

    Just a single Cymbidium Orchid stem in a vase is already stunning and gives a luxury impression. The single blooms can be easily used for (table) arrangements or in a bouquet. But lots of other stylish ways of floral design are possible by cutting the Orchid stems and arranging them in different ways. Please check our pin boards on Pinterest for plenty of creative ideas for Cymbidium arrangements.

  10. What is the best way to display my Cymbidium?

    An empty wine bottle is a perfect way to display your Cymbidium as it helps to support the stem.


  11. The quality of the Cymbidiums I bought does not meet my expectations; what is wrong?

    Joshua carefully packs the Cymbidiums to minimise the possibility of damage. Possibly the Cymbidiums you bought are not handled well in the distribution chain. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us.

  12. Can I work or do a training period at Joshua?

    Every season we are looking for motivated people to work at our nurseries. Read more about this at ‘working at Joshua’.