Buckland is 40 minutes South of Auckland International Airport. It is in the heart of the famous Pukekohe vegetable growing area. Pukekohe is well known for its onion and potato production because of the rich volcanic soils and mild climate.

In 2011 land was purchased to expand our production season and area. The glasshouse is a 10,000m2 state of the art facility and has been fully operational since 2013.

This new facility enables Joshua to grow the mid and late varieties and extend the flowering season up till the end of November. The glasshouse has an automated screen to control the light levels, to extend the regular growing season and to save energy.

The facility is heated by natural gas giving clean energy to heat the glasshouses. An innovative trolley system uses the heating pipes to transport flowers from the glasshouse to the pack house. This reduces the handling of the flowers, and therefore minimises the possibility of damage.