About Joshua

Joshua Cymbidium is a New Zealand company specialising in growing Cymbidium Orchids for markets around the globe. Company founders, identical twins Gus and Joe Sonneveld, immigrated to New Zealand from Holland in 1987, bringing with them knowledge of floriculture that has been passed on from their father and grandfather. They still maintain strong relationships with some of the best Dutch Cymbidium Orchid growers, as well as seeking out the best new varieties from New Zealand and Australian growers.

Top quality 

Joshua strives to grow top quality Cymbidiums. Stems are strong with many blooms and the blooms have clear colours. The aim is to provide the buyers with consistent quality throughout the season. With a second nursery operating since 2013, Joshua is able to supply 200,000 high quality stems annually, with the season stretching from April until November.

A desire for customer satisfaction motivates Joshua to take a lot of care in growing stems as straight as possible and maintaining a high grading standard. Exciting new varieties are constantly being selected and carefully tested for quality and vase life.